Optimum Services

We are constantly seeking ways to be innovative and to better serve our clients. Our objectives are reflected in the services provided by both OPTIMUM Translation and OPTIMUM Express. OPTIMUM Translation offers a variety of services including adaptation, localization, summarizing, draft translation, and large document updating. We are able to manage any project, regardless of size or nature. One of our larger projects, completed within a fourteen-month period, was the translation of an interactive encyclopaedia of more than four million words!

OPTIMUM Express extends the range of our services beyond translation. Services offered include rewriting, editing, proofreading, proofing, and linguistic consultation.

OPTIMUM delivers exceptional results in translation, including services provided for technical and specialized texts. Our clients include software and courseware developers, communications firms, video production firms, educational institutions, training companies, manufacturers and resource-sector companies, provincial and federal government departments and agencies, retail businesses and non-profit organizations.