Optimum Technology

OPTIMUM’s approach to technology is avant-garde. Our network environment is fast, flexible, and secure. Effective remote access facilitates teamwork through the direct consultation of electronic databases. This high level of technical sophistication provides us the luxury of controlling our domain by maintaining our own web and e-mail server. We also use our own specialized workflow management software, Optimum Power Tracker, to record client and task information as well as time spent by each team member working on assignments. This allows us to perform precise analysis of all client related data and projects.

We are able to meet client format requirements by maintaining current licenses of a variety of software, including Microsoft Office (Professional Edition), WordPerfect Office (Professional Edition), and Adobe Acrobat. OPTIMUM accepts assignments either electronically or as client-supplied hard copy. We are able to deliver a final product in an assortment of electronic formats, including e-mail, FTP, CD, DVD, and ZIP disk.